Saturday in the Valley: Corvallis/Albany Farmers’ Market

This Saturday was another beautiful day in the Willamette Valley. I felt the need to get out and see what was happening this morning so I headed towards the Corvallis/Albany Farmers’ Market. The market is open every Saturday 9am to 1pm, April 19th-November 22nd. This year the farmers market is held at 4th and Ellsworth.

Once I reached the entrance of the market I couldn’t help but notice a booth overflowing with beautiful flowers. The booth was occupied by Stems & Stuff, with owner Dona Coon present. We had a great chat about her field cut flower operation and family farm located in Shedd and Dona was even kind enough to invite me to a farm dinner next week.

In the future I would like this blog to feature a small business profile once a month and I think I stumbled upon my first business to profile!

Hopefully all of you were out enjoying the sun this beautiful Saturday!

Best wishes from the valley,

Keith Kolkow

Entrance to the Corvallis/Albany Farmers’ Market. The Willamette Valley skies were a beautiful blue.




Dona Coon a resident of the Willamette Valley and owner of Stems & Stuff arranges flowers at the Albany Farmers Market


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